Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I have been bitten by the COUPON CRAZE!!

I have been wanting to take a coupon class offered by Southern Savers for awhile and I am finally registered to go next week. I am too excited about learning how to save money on groceries. Clipped coupons last night, I saved the Sunday papers from the last 2 weeks and coupons in hand I went to Publix to buy what I had coupons for, just a few things, not a large order at all, My total before buy one get one and coupons was 20.34 and I paid 5.19. It was an awesome feeling. I am not trying to get a thousand dollars worth of stuff for $8, like the women on the shows, I just want to save 10 to 20 a week and it looks like I can be well on the way.

I know I will learn more tips and tricks next week but wanted to give it a try. I also went to CVS this morning, used coupons and got extracare bucks, more awesomeness. I bought Colgate toothpaste which was on sale for 2.79, bought 2 tubes, had a dollar off coupon for each one, then got 4.00 dollars in extra bucks,then another for 5 off 10, and yet another for 3 off 15. I also purchased Bliss chocolates for 5.99 and got extrabucks for 5.99. So for the 9.78 I spent I received 18.00 in extrabucks. Excited.

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