Saturday, May 8, 2010

Don't let your freezer thaw out without your knowledge!

We had a mishap with our freezer and boy was it STINKY. Someone of the two people who live in our house, left the freezer door open and by the time we discovered it everything had thawed. My dear husband had fish from a fishing trip he had taken earlier in the spring stored inside and it is not pleasant when fish juice is on your concrete basement floor. We keep the freezer in our mechanical room so if we don't need anything from it, we hardly ever go in that room. I got a bottle of the liquid Lysol concentrate and got on my hands and knees(this girl is a stranger to this activity) and scrubbed the floor. Hubby had sprayed bleach but my bloodhound nose still detected the fishy smell and I had to get rid of it. So far the odor seems to be diminished. Wish me luck....

On a lighter note, just received my ticket to Stampaway in August. Planning to attend for the first time a few years. The classes I wanted were sold out but I did get a ticket to the preview party. I along with 500 others have PAID for the privilege to shop on Friday night before the actual convention starts on Saturday. Stampaway is usually a great convention so I am really looking forward to going.

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